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If you're visiting the Central Coast because of business or career purposes, consider yourself lucky! There are so many great ways to spend your free time on your next business trip, from relaxing on the beach in Pismo to golfing while overlooking the Pacific Ocean. At Shore Cliff Hotel, we strive to provide you with the best accommodations possible so you can enjoy every moment you're not working. Here are some of our favorite ways to spend some downtime while staying at Shore Cliff Hotel.


During your stay, we encourage you to indulge in some activities that leave you wondering, "Am I working hard or hardly working?" The Central Coast is the perfect place to pamper yourself, and taking care of yourself can actually improve your work performance! Set aside some me-time and unwind with the tranquil activities outlined below. 



Who says business trips have to be all work and no play? In the corporate world, the golfing green is a classic setting for networking, meetings, and more—so check out some of the beautiful Central Coast courses below, whether you're looking to tee up for business, pleasure, or both! 



Are you looking to sweep your colleagues off their feet with impressive destinations or tours? Look no further than the Central Coast! With so many must-see spots just minutes away from Shore Cliff Hotel, we're sure your group will have no problem falling in love with the area surrounding Pismo Beach. 

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